Advent Reputation is free to use and we encourage users to build plugins and integrate it with their applications.

Check API

The check API allows you to receive the score and risk rating of an IP address. It is a simple GET request which is cached on our CDN for 30 minutes for high performance.

The main variable to use here is risk.

Risk Values
0: No detected risk
1: Light risk
2: Medium risk
3: High risk

GET https://reputation.advent.dev/api/check/ { "ip": "" "score": 10 "risk": 2 }

Submit API

The submit API is not required but rather requested by us. You submit either a success or fail signal for any login that happens on your system.

We store very little information, and do not store who sent the submission or any user details. Only the IP address and the event (success|fail).

Posting a successful login (as JSON) POST https://reputation.advent.dev/api/submit { "ip": "", "action": "success" }

Posting a failed login (as JSON) POST https://reputation.advent.dev/api/submit { "ip": "", "action": "fail" }