Mitigate Credential Stuffing

Limit credential stuffing attacks using our central database of IP reputation, built from OSINT and signals from users of the service.

Identify Suspicious Logins

Use our Plugins to track suspicious logins to your site, and alert your users when required. Level up your security simply and easily.

Open, Free API

We open our IP reputation API to anyone, allowing plugin developers to utilize it, advanced users to call the service directly, and more.

Limited Tracking

We store as little information as possible. We don't log requests for IP checks, and for submissions only the IP of the client. Far less than any analytics package even.

Purpose and Usage

The purpose of Advent Reputation is to provide an API for questioning if an IP address attempting to login to your application or website is a risk.

Using the information submitted during this process, we continue to train our system to better predict dangerous hosts.

Our goals

What we stand for, what we care about, and how we work.

Open, Free Protection

We want to be an open and free service to help protect against common credential stuffing attacks.

Track Less, Use More

We want to do this with as little tracking as possible, with open APIs and free plugins to use the system.

Learn, Learn, Learn

We want to build an ever improving database that's capable of predicting 99% of bad logins and users.